Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crochet is my new BFF

I've been talking the talk about learning to crochet fo-ever. I'm finally walking the walk. While my mom was in town this weekend, I found a simple hat pattern that seemed like a great learn-by-doing project. It only required a couple of basic stitches - single crochet and a puff stitch. After learning these, I was anxious to dive right in.

It was a bit of a tag team effort, swapping off every few rows. And since my mom can work a crochet hook way faster than me, she definitely ended up doing more of the work, but that way we were able to get it all done before she had to leave.

I'm ready to try my hands at another hat before I forget everything and have to learn how to do a chain stitch for about the fourth time.

I was aiming for sassy, but I think I missed the mark. Looks a little pissed off, no?


vanessa said...

your BFF is myyyyy BFF!

and yeah, you look kind of mad in that picture :)

Stereoette said...

I was just begging my mom to bring me back bamboo yarn from my fave yarn store in paris b/c i want to start crocheting again... i've never made a hat, and yours is super cute!