Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something altogether new

I've been scheming on a new design for quite some time, with the idea of doing something with teacups. Why teacups? Who knows. Because they're cute, I suppose.

The clever folks at Domestic Construction beat me to the punch a bit with their Ted lights, which are fabulous, especially the clusters. I like to think I had a similar idea (or was at least on my way to one) before seeing their wares at last summer's Renegade, and since they seemed to be doing such a nice job with it, I set about to do something different.


And besides which, I think my choice of fabrics and pairings have somewhat come to define my work, so it's only fitting that this design is a continuation along that path.

Update:Yay! The lamp you see above was recently purchased by a lovely woman in Oklahoma (at least I'm assuming she's lovely, seeing as how I assume that of all my customers:). Better get to work on more tea cup lamps!


Estela said...

LOVE it! I love the mug for a base! so cool

KimmChi said...

Love the tea cups! Nice progression