Sunday, November 16, 2008


Tangentially to the Great Re-Decorate of '08, I finally completed my custom jewelry box, made from IKEA's famed FIRA mini-chest. The FIRA collection is perhaps my favorite, and the most versatile of IKEA's small storage solution offerings.

I stained the exterior with my all-time favorite Minwax Wood Finish - Red Oak - and lined each drawer in a floral print that couldn't have matched my dresser any better if I had tried (and I swear I didn't, I bought this fabric on spec, with lampshades in mind). The drawer bottoms are lined with felt in a super bright fuchsia.

Love it! Now I have plenty of room for all the great necklaces I've been accumulating. FYI - I am so over earrings; it's all about adorning the decolletage (haha...or lack thereof in my case).

And here's a tip: glue sticks! Glue sticks are my new favorite crafting supply. Perhaps not quite as secure or permanent as spray adhesive, but so much easier and less of a hassle to use (plus, I can use it indoors).

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Kristen said...

heck yes, i love the FIRA chest. such a cute re-do. i have three stained in different minwax stain colors. and one that's not stained that i have meaning to get around to (haha) for almost 2 yrs. bleh.