Monday, July 14, 2008

Crafting a real vacation

Like a typical overworked American, most of my vacation days get all gobbled up by family obligations, which are decidedly not "vacation," and the occasional long weekend, which is just too fleeting to count.

So I have been eagerly anticipating my first ever "staycation" (a full week off from work, minimal travel beyond the city limits) which will officially commence at 2:45pm this Saturday (I am volunteering for the NYC triathlon Saturday morning in order to secure a spot for next year's race, thus the delayed start time). But here's the thing, in order to properly vacation, I think it might be necessary to put the crafting on hold as well. What!?

Can anyone else relate? I have become so accustomed to spending all my spare time tinkering with lamps and the like, that I've plumb forgot how to veg out and spend a lazy Sunday afternoon watching 10 Things I Hate about You for the 20th time because it's once again the Sunday Matinee on channel 11.

Maybe I'll allow myself just a couple of those little projects that keep getting put off, or limit myself to just one afternoon of work on the ol' Etsy shop. But I fear that may be a slippery slope...

I need to take a break, but when it comes to crafting, I just can't break the habit!

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