Thursday, July 3, 2008

Craft my Cube

Turns out my day job cubicle - blerg... yes, I work in a cubicle... - is the perfect place for displaying and making use of some of my most crafty possessions. Plus, the craftiness of it all really helps alleviate that certain sterile something that accompanies the much maligned 'cube.'

The crafting of my cube is still a work in progress, but here's a sneak peak. Oh, and just in case anyone from the DIY network is out there, I smell a new show idea...feel free to contact me...

1. This one is actually a bit silly. I like to keep hand sanitizer on my desk, but I don't like the sterile (there's that word again...) look of a big 'ol dispenser of Purell just sitting there. After toying with the idea of knitting a Purell dispenser cozy, I realized that the much simpler solution was to just get a nice soap dispenser. I stole an idea straight from the pages of the now defunct Adorn magazine, and 'adorned' this simple one from Target with Hambly Screen Prints rub-on's.

2. OOOOOH...This one is my favorite!!! I just got it! It's a moss terrarium courtesy of Made By Mavis. Perfect for bringing something a little green - and more importantly, low maintenance - into the workplace. And it is so cute (especially with the teeny tiny turtle figurine I added)! Check out the close-up down below.

3. Ok, so it's not handmade, but I bought this little coin bank from Pearl River Mart because it was cute, cheap, and just plain irresistible. I figured it would be good for saving the change whenever I treat myself to some Dunkin' Donuts or Dr. Pepper, but surprisingly, I've been really good about keeping those daytime treats to a minimum (yay me!).

4. The very first lamp made by Yours truly. Naturally it has a few minor flaws being the prototype and all, but that's what makes it special and all mine.

5. Who's that browsing Etsy at work? Tisk, tisk.

Oh, and how could I forget about the non-sanctioned tacks I crafted (yes, tacks are supposed to be uniform throughout the office, although I don't think anyone's enforcing that)? Just some self-adhesive, decorative paper over a clothespin, and a couple of ordinary tacks glued to the back. Much better...


Kristen said...

awww, adorn. it's funny that you have a terrarium because I have been thinking non stop about them!! I want one... it seems one form of plant life that would be rather hard to kill.

congrats on all your success with your business lady :)

Marilyn said...

I browse through Etsy (and blogs) at work all the time! I absolutely love your idea, seriously it would make a great show. If TLC can have Singing Office show, why not a DIY office show?

I also LOVE Pearl River Mart, haven't been there in ages, I should go back soon and stock up on stuff.

You going to the meeting on the 23rd? :)

Cary said...

i love the terrarium i just discovered that shop. the turtle is so cute:)