Monday, June 16, 2008

I bought stuff at Renegade...did you?

I didn't make it over to Renegade until Sunday, which is a bit atypical for me...I generally like to scope it out first on Saturday (although that does usually entail a purchase or two) and then head back over on Sunday with the bf in tow in order to get his opinion on things I didn't (yet) buy. The Sunday only routine worked really nicely for me this year, and I credit it with the fact that I was much more restrained with my spending, which is a good, a great thing!

You see, at craft fairs past I have always succumb to that sense of urgency they instill (this is my one and only chance to buy this truly, truly unique X, and if I don't buy it now, I'll regret it for the rest of my life) only to regret at least one of those purchases when exposed to the true light of day-after-craft-fair.

Well not this time by George. It's the day after alright, and not only do I respect my purchases, I love 'em!

Just what did I get? Check it all out... The shirt in the picture above is courtesy of Red Prairie Press. And below, helping me rep for my favorite borough of them all, is the unique design of Brookadelphia (notice they go by BROOKadelphia rather than Phillyn...even though I kinda like the sound of that come to think of it...oh wait, that's probably because my boy's name in Dylan).

"Splat" is the handiwork of none other than Stereoette.

And what's all that in my hot little hand? What looks like another 'ol craft book is actually an awesome journal that just happened to borrow a bit from some 'ol craft book, a product of Ex Libris Anonymous. And in front is a set of the cutest little note cards ever...they read "*notes are better than letters"...get it? I don't have info on the lovely lady that I bought them from though, so if anyone recognizes her work, do tell!


Marilyn said...

Aw we missed each other! I was there Saturday. You got some cute stuff. I posted my swag over at my blog.

Stereoette said...

i'm only like, 2 months behind on my blog readin', but the "notes are better than letters" cards are from King Popcorn. And splat is so cute on ya!

Anonymous said...

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