Sunday, June 29, 2008

Done and Done

Oh man...I got a little in over my head with my first 'wholesale' order. I was enlisted to make 24 of my beer bottle votives, and while on the surface that doesn't (and didn't) sound so bad, I am super relieved to have them all finished...finally. I went through at least 100 beer bottles in order to get to the finished 24, so a huge thank you to all my beer guzzling friends and co-workers.

I'm also pretty stoked that the libation I'm currently sipping on is NOT beer for a change :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scrapping together something extra

So many great fabrics...what to do with all the scraps? BUTTONS! And perfect as "free trinkets with purchase!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who's that on the Etsy home page?

It's Yours truly...along with just a few of my lovely and talented New New compatriots.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I bought stuff at Renegade...did you?

I didn't make it over to Renegade until Sunday, which is a bit atypical for me...I generally like to scope it out first on Saturday (although that does usually entail a purchase or two) and then head back over on Sunday with the bf in tow in order to get his opinion on things I didn't (yet) buy. The Sunday only routine worked really nicely for me this year, and I credit it with the fact that I was much more restrained with my spending, which is a good, a great thing!

You see, at craft fairs past I have always succumb to that sense of urgency they instill (this is my one and only chance to buy this truly, truly unique X, and if I don't buy it now, I'll regret it for the rest of my life) only to regret at least one of those purchases when exposed to the true light of day-after-craft-fair.

Well not this time by George. It's the day after alright, and not only do I respect my purchases, I love 'em!

Just what did I get? Check it all out... The shirt in the picture above is courtesy of Red Prairie Press. And below, helping me rep for my favorite borough of them all, is the unique design of Brookadelphia (notice they go by BROOKadelphia rather than Phillyn...even though I kinda like the sound of that come to think of it...oh wait, that's probably because my boy's name in Dylan).

"Splat" is the handiwork of none other than Stereoette.

And what's all that in my hot little hand? What looks like another 'ol craft book is actually an awesome journal that just happened to borrow a bit from some 'ol craft book, a product of Ex Libris Anonymous. And in front is a set of the cutest little note cards ever...they read "*notes are better than letters"...get it? I don't have info on the lovely lady that I bought them from though, so if anyone recognizes her work, do tell!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Handmade Father's Day

I’m not sure whether it’s simply the male DNA to blame, or some chemical/biological change that occurred the moment he became a father, but either way, my dad is impossible to shop for. He doesn't want for new clothes (still wearing t-shirts from well before I was born), has no hobbies really (unless you consider his clarinet playing, but he does that professionally so it doesn’t count), and is generally pretty content with the stuff he already owns.

So what to buy the man who doesn’t want or need anything? Well, he already has a lamp made from an old clarinet - seriously - so anything from the likes of Yours truly is out the window.

I looked to my fellow New New’ers for ideas, and here are some of my faves…

A new tie from ikyoto

Message to dad: Stop wearing those awful clarinet ties! They are even dorkier than a piano tie, and most people wouldn’t have even thought that was possible. Now THIS is a tie! I have no idea what the text on it might say, but as a tie, it practically screams “I am the coolest dad ever!”

Cuff Links from wabisabi brooklyn

French cuffed shirts are a classic, classy look; it’s too bad more men don’t wear them. These super cool cuff links are a perfect gift for a new dad who needs some subtle fashion advice. Unfortunately my dad is too far gone.

Nice soap from Kopah

I know for a fact that dad’s appreciate a nice, handmade soap. My grandparents were visiting this one time, and there just happened to be some goat’s milk soap that my mom had picked up at a craft event in the shower they were using, and my gramps went ga-ga over it. Help your dad ditch the Irish Spring and broaden his hygiene horizons (my dad’s name his Gene, insert pun there).

And don’t forget the card...from waisze

Or if you’re like me, it might be all about the card. Because he is, as I said, impossible to shop for, and as homage to the fact that I am truly my father’s daughter (read: I am cheap, and I learned it from watching you dad), I have been known to acknowledge Father’s Day with nothing more than a thoughtful card and a timely phone call. And you know what, I’m still his favorite daughter.