Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ya win some, ya lose some

Today marked my first appearance selling at Williamsburg's Artists and Fleas, and as much as I might enjoy shopping there myself, it was sort of a bust. Nothing against the venue per se, I think it was simply an ill-fated planetary alignment and/or the following:

a. While the weather held out for the most part, it was rather iffy most of the day and foot traffic was LIGHT
b. In general, I'd say it's a venue that caters best to vintage clothing, jewelry and t-shirts (that's what is usually there, and that's what people expect)
c. Except for one super awesome lady, people apparently weren't in the mood to buy lamps today

Oh, but here's something fun...take a step behind the table ladies and gents, and experience...The Seller's Perspective

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