Monday, May 5, 2008

So new?

My much time has passed, and yet I don't have much to report. Yesterday I took part in another lovely installment of the Hearts & Crafts Affair over at Cafe Grumpy, and not only did I pick up a few new goodies for myself, but I also sold a handful of lamps along the way.

Thanks to KimmChi for stopping by and snapping a pic of my display! Please ignore the fact that I look like a weirdo however...I don't think I knew my picture was being taken (yeah...that explains it...).

Yours truly can be spotted next at Artist & Fleas' Etsy Day - Sunday, May 18. Hope to see you there!


cafegrumpy said...

we bought the square base lamp w/bird lamp - it is great! thanks.

Yours truly said...

Yay - I love happy customers!

cafegrumpy said...

i mean bird shade - i guess you realized that! also, love the on/off pull - very cool.

KimmChi said...

yeah, sorry about the weird photo, but the lighting looks cool and moody doesn't it!

I love your lamps - they are awesome!

Yours truly said...

It def looks cool. And it's not the fault of the photographer that I'm sitting back there giving everyone a death glare for some reason