Friday, March 7, 2008

What's in a name?

I am currently going crazy and stressing over business names.

A little background: My first commercial craft venture was done under my actual name (because my parents did a great job in that department) "Ilana Rose." But then I got started with the craft store business, so I came up with the name "HandMaiden NY," and started doing everything under that name. But then reasons arose for me to abandon that name as well (as previously discussed), thus I have just about completed my latest name change.

Presenting...*drum-roll please*..."Yours truly, Brooklyn."

HOWEVER, I am sort of already suffering a terrible case of buyer's remorse. Is this name the one? I still really like the name "Brooklyn Belle" which I dabbled with briefly a year ago or so. But that doesn't lend itself to a store name for down the road, and all of my crafting is done with an eye toward the future. Argghhh, I just don't know.

Oy, my head is spinning...have I ever mentioned that I am very indecisive?

Here's a rundown of all that the name change has entailed:

1. New URL - (the old one redirects)
2. New blog URL (and name) - (the old one redirects as well)
3. MySpace - here's where things get murky. "yourstrulyxoxo" was already taken, so I got "yourstruly__xoxo," but then decided it would make more sense to just not mess with my MySpace so as not to lose any friends, so basically I am all over the place there. I think I now have like 3 identical pages floating around on MySpace. Oh well, hardly ever go on there anymore.

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