Saturday, March 29, 2008

Craft Diaries: Part 3

Dear Craft Diary,

Where was I? Oh yes, when we last met I had just finished reminiscing about my forays into crafting during my Chapel Hill days. (Speaking of Chapel Hill, I just received an Etsy order from Chapel Hill – how funny?)

After Chapel Hill I found myself in Boston for what I like to consider my graduate school of life. It was a period when although I had finally matriculated, there remained much to learn, and I am grateful that I got to live it instead of reading it in a book or discussing it in a classroom.

Anywho, impetus for crafting in those days was my discovery of the store Beadworks. I was in need of something special to where for a special occasion, and like so many other beaded jewelry makers, I decided to make it rather than search endlessly for just the right thing. I had no idea what I was doing, but through trial and error eventually developed some technique with wire wrapping and such, and if I do say-so myself, a certain knack for bead shopping. Or maybe that’s just shopping? Or spending money? Either way, it’s a knack. Then again, it could just be a knick knack. Or a paddy whack? OK, I’ll stop. Sorry, got a little carried away with that one.

Later on, not entirely satisfied with my beads and wire, I decided that owning a sewing machine would empower me to do any number of crafty things. But the machine I got was a lemon, so it mostly collected dust.

And then I had an idea, an amazing idea. I had always wanted to own my own boutique, so I thought why not open an online boutique – an online destination that would offer the best variety of handmade, unique wares. Trouble is, apparently, someone else had the same idea, except a way better version of it, and the means to do it really, really well. My meager little venture (nothing's there anymore) was short-lived and cost me money that would have been better spent on craft supplies. But somewhere down in Brooklyn, Etsy was being hatched, and I’m pretty darn ok with how their version turned out.

Yours truly

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