Friday, February 15, 2008

Craft night

Gal pal R. Vine hosted a lovely craft night this past Tuesday, and I'm happy to report that it served as the impetus for me to finally make good on a promise to myself to learn how to crochet. Apparently even a children's crochet book is too difficult for me to follow, so with the aid of new friend Lindsey, I successfully put together a nice little practice swatch.

Why are needlework instructions so difficult for me to follow? Am I the only one with this problem? It's like, in an effort to be so thoroughly explanatory, they make it more complicated than it needs to be. Just say: "wrap yarn under hook from back to front. Pull slip knot off and over hooked yarn." But they muck it up with so many superfluous details on exactly how to hold the hook, and balance the hook, and which fingers to use, and how to hold the yarn, and how you should be sitting, and which hand to use for grabbing your wine glass (well, maybe not that one)...enough already, just tell me what I need to know in plain and simple language, and leave all the rest out. Or better yet, sit down next to me and show me.

How to replicate that one-on-one tutorial experience into written instructions? If someone could figure that out, I mean really nail it, then we'd be onto something.

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Secret Diary said...

i understand. i always need someone to show me the motions with needlecrafts.
next time you have a craft circle- invite me- im a crochet pro (and in bklyn :)