Monday, January 28, 2008

oh darn

Poop! After many, many months of the most drawn out competition ever (PowerUp! Business Plan Competition), the results are in. And...I didn't win. But I didn't leave empty handed either. I received a PowerUp! branded umbrella (automatic!), a sweet little set of laptop accessories (the miniature mouse is a scientific marvel), and a framed certificate on which I'll be replacing "Honorable Mention" with "Super Duper Craftastic." Actually, I'd first like to replicate it in cross stitch before making that little change in wording, and then it should be just about perfect for hanging in my future office.

But seriously, I did come away with a totally buttoned-up business plan, and the validation of having been recognized as a finalist. And while I didn't secure the big bucks as far as prize money goes, I wasn't left empty handed in that regard either. While not enough to start a business - or pay a month's rent - it's money I didn't have before. It's covering the cost of my new sewing machine (a Bernette 65 - more on that later) and getting the ol' savings account kick started again.

All in all, PowerUp! was definitely a worth while endeavor, and I highly recommend it to anyone planning a new business (in Brooklyn or Queens). If nothing else it will help organize your thoughts and plans, and put a deadline on getting it all together. And who knows, maybe you'll end up with a little extra pocket change too!

p.s. So here's a funny little anecdote. There are sure to be at least a handful of reasons for why the winner won and I didn't (maybe Mod Podge isn't as cool as I thought? Nah...). However, in introducing the winner, it was noted that "she's already earned a following on her blog." Now there's a novel idea... but hers really is a 'novel' idea - she's planning to open a book store.

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Stereoette said...

oh gosh. im disapointed! but you're right, you have a great business plan and there are other funding options out there. I'm continuing to cross my fingers for the best little craft store in brooklyn!