Friday, November 16, 2007

TIME to get crafty again!

In preparation for the next round of craft fairs - 2 in one weekend! - I FINALLY got around to trying my hand at those plate clocks. Now imagine how great this will look on a brightly colored kitchen wall...

1 cute saucer from Goodwill
1 power drill
1 glass and tile drill bit
1 clock making kit
some patience


  • My first few attempts were unsuccessful on account of a poor quality drill bit - a good little bit goes a long way. After successfully drilling through the first plate however, even the good one seemed noticeably duller, so if you can find a way to keep the bit sharp, bonus!
  • Place the plate on a hard surface, such as a scrap piece of wood, when drilling.
  • To easily locate the center of the plate simply draw an outline of it on a piece of paper, cut it out, fold in quarters, and cut a hole in the center. Use this to mark where to drill.
  • A pilot hole is essential - use a smaller drill bit to make a pilot hole large enough to accommodate just the tip of the larger one, just big enough to prevent it from slipping (not big at all).

Next step...playing around with ceramic paint to add another dimension.

1 comment:

Stereoette said...

try drilling it with a wet sponge by your bit, or with a little bit of water in the plate. this will keep your drill bit lubricated.